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Italy - 3-Team Matches

1985 Lonigo Italy 94 Hungary 59 Germany 53
UNOFFICIAL This match featured 2 riders from each team in each race. No results are available.
{short description of image} More details of this meeting have arrived from Christian Weber:
In our local press here in Germany this match was reported at the time as a club team international, Italy was represented by Lonigo, Hungary by Debrecen and Germany by Landshut. Obviously from the cover of the programme it was regarded in Italy as a full international with national teams. There had been meeting along similar lines with three teams and six rider races earlier that year at Landshut between Landshut, Lonigo and Ipswich Witches. This was intended as the first of a three meetings series, but Ipswich never wanted to host a home meeting and even withdrew from the Lonigo event. Debrecen was brought in as subsitutes. As far as I know Debrecen did not stage a round.Anyway, while the Landshut meeting clearly was between three club teams, the Lonigo meeting seems to have been regarded as a 3-team international between three national teams.
Anyway the results at Lonigo were: Italy (Lonigo) 94, Hungary (Debrecen) 59, Germany (Landshut) 53.
The scoring was 5-4-3-2-1-0, with six riders (a pair from each club in every race, Teams were made of six riders, plus a non-riding reserve). I only know three names of the German team, Georg Hack, Klaus Lausch and Peter Nieder, the latter ended up in hospital after a colision in heat 8 with Italy's Armando Dal Chiele.

Further details from Roger Stevens:
Teams as listed in the programme were
Italy: Armando dal Chiele, Ottaviano Righetto, Gianni Famari, Davide Guarise, Francesco Biginato, Armando Castagna
Hungary: Zoltan Adorjan, Zoltan Hajdu, Sandor Tihanyi, Laszlo Bodi, Janos Oresko, Istvan Kabai
Germany: Georg Hack, Klaus Lausch, Franz Kreimoser, Peter Nieder, Michael Datzmann, Stefan Deser

Contributors : Roger Stevens, Christian Weber